In general, when a policy holder buys insurance, he or she is seeking protection and not thinking about litigation. Individual and commercial policy holders rely on insurance coverage in both day-to-day decision making and long-term planning. Because of this, when a claim occurs and there is a question about coverage, the policy holder's expectation is often quite different than what their policy provides. In addition, the insurer must be tremendously careful and correct in the position it takes.

Insurance is an important area of practice for us. Although our expertise and experience covers the spectrum of Insurance transactions, the bulk of our work falls into different areas. One, representation of banks, insurance companies and other clients that lend money in the country.

We have served as counsel, disclosure counsel, underwriter's counsel and issuer's counsel for a wide variety of Insurance Company. Our attorneys have assisted in many insurance claims in various fields like utility systems, parking facilities, courthouses, redevelopment projects, and housing, infrastructure and stadium facilities. We assist our clients in structuring transactions and analyzing relevant income tax considerations.
Extensive experience in Insurance allows our attorneys to carefully but efficiently negotiate, document and close all types of financing transactions. In particular, our experience in representing both borrowers and lenders allows us to focus on substantive matters and resolve issues in a way that serves the interests of our clients.  We bring our experience, knowledge and imagination to the table for the benefit of our clients in Insurance transactions.